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tg_fiction's Journal

Transgender Fiction
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All Members , Moderated
Our icon is a screencap from the movie Boys Don't Cry, which is our number one movie recommendation, though we don't suggest watching it if you're in a depressed mood.

Community Rules:

1. No flaming between members will be tolerated at all. We know that we'll get trolls occasionally. That's the way it goes. But any member caught flaming another member will be banished.

2. Allowable posts:

A. Fiction and poetry
B. Non-fiction narratives (not conversational posts, please)
C. Fanfiction dealing with transgender themes, as long as it contains an appropriate disclaimer for legal reasons
D. Recommendations of other transgender fiction, like movies, books, TV shows, anime, manga, comics, online comics, et cetera and links to sites with transgender fiction (but not general transgender info sites, since we can find that easily on a Google search).

3. Articles that are important to the transgender community, introductions, questions, and more general stuff should go to transgender, not here.

4. Stories (anything longer than 10 lines or so) should be put under a cut tag. We mean it. I've seen people on other communities thumb their noses at the cut tag, but I am on dial-up and my lj-friends page takes long enough to load. I will heavily spork anyone who gets snarky about the cut tag. If you don't know about the cut tag, LJ FAQ is your friend.

5. Adult material must have a warning with it and also must be put under a cut tag. If you're under 18, please don't read the adult stuff for legal reasons. I don't think any of us want to go there ("there" being, specifically, court)

6.) Although we welcome most transgender-themed pieces, we put emphasis on general pieces and also offer a beta service for general pieces that we don't offer for erotica. Nothing against erotica. One of the mods even freely admits to reading it and enjoying erotic fiction (Goo, if you must know). But there are very few sites out there devoted to general transgender fiction. If you want a place to post and read erotica to your heart's content, visit Fictionmania, a writing site devoted entirely to TG and shemale fetish pieces (and some general TG stuff thrown in). You're bound to find something to your liking there.

If you're wondering who "we" are, we are:

aguynamedgoo - Goo
slytherinblack - Mars
gisho - Rook